Heartworm disease is transmitted by infected mosquitoes. Heartworms reside in the heart and lung of infected dogs. The disease can be silent with no clinical symptoms until advanced disease is present. Treatment is costly and can be dangerous. This is why we recommend yearly testing and year round prevention.  Prevention is more cost effective and proven to be safe. We recommend Heartgard Plus. This medication has the additional benefit of preventing and killing roundworms and hookworms which are known to be transmitted to people or children.









Wellness for Dogs

Preventative healthcare is important to help maintain good health for your pet. Preventative healthcare includes vaccinations to help prevent infectious diseases, regular parasite control, proper nutrition, home dental care, annual examinations and exercise.

​​Puppies which received colostrum from their mother's milk will initially have antibodies. These maternal antibodies start to diminish between 6-12 weeks old. It is between 6-8 weeks old that you should give your puppy his/her first vaccination so he/she can develop their own antibodies. These puppy vaccinations are repeated at 3-4 week intervals until your puppy is 4 months or 18-22 weeks old for last vaccination.
Adult dogs require regular vaccinations in order to maintain immunity against infectious diseases.Our vaccination protocol is based on your dog's lifestyle.We offer the following vaccinations for your dog:

We are proud to exclusively utilize the full line of Merial's Purevax Feline Vaccinations. These vaccinations are nonadjuvunted and free of chemical additives. These vaccinations are designed to decrease your cats risk to develop injection site reactions, tumors and chronic inflammation.These vaccinations are only available to licensed veterinarians. Our veterinarians and staff will only utilize the Purevax vaccinations for their own cats. We will treat your cats no differently.Our vaccination protocol is based on your cat's lifestyle.Each appointment includes a complete physical examination for yourpet. We also offer senior wellness testing and a kitten health plan. We recommend FELV/FIV testing for new cats and annual internal parasite examinations.   

Wellness for Cats

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​Hospital Services and Specialized Care

We are a full service hospital established in the 1990's. We strive to provide high quality wellness services, medicine, surgery and dentistry for each of your pet needs. We are happy to offer care for your dog, cat and exotic pets.

 Our hospital has a
complete in house laboratory which allows the doctors to perform a complete five part blood count, full chemistry panels,  electrolyte balances, blood clotting times and urinalysis at the time of services. This allows our doctors to quickly assess a patient's health status so that appropriate therapy can be started right away. We also offer specialty laboratory testing through a partnership with Idexx and Abaxis laboratories.

We also offer
digital radiology and abdominal ultrasound services. We offer a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries and comprehensive dental services. We have a digital dental radiology unit which allows rapid assessment for dental disease. We have an in house pharmacy so that you can have your pets prescriptions filled while you are at our hospital.

We pride ourselves in offering state of the
art surgical monitors to our patients undergoing anesthesia. These monitors measure your pets heart rate, heart rhythm, respiratory rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation throughout the entire procedure. In addition, pets undergoing anesthesia are maintained on water blankets throughout the procedure to maintain your pets' body temperature. We strongly believe in utilizing preemptive, intraoperative and post operative pain management to keep your pets comfortable during all phases of surgery and recovery.  

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Why vaccinate your dog?

Why give year round heartworm prevention?

Each appointment includes a complete physical examination for your pet. We offer senior wellness testing and a puppy health plan. We recommend deworming puppies and annual internal parasite examinations.